Sun Winning provides customers with a variety of mold buildng services, including plastic injection mold,  blowing mold, thermoforming mold and metalwork mold.

  • Standard two-plate mold, three-plate mold, and threaded mold
  • Double injection mold
  • Insert mold
  • Hot runner mold
  • Variotherm mold
  • Gas assisted injection molding, and blowing molding
  • Silicone rubber molding
  • Die punch

Customer provides: basic data required for evaluation of plastic parts1.Supply products, computer design artwork of 3D or 2D, otherwise refer model of samples.2.Supply a description of product function and other relevant description of parts.3.Supply a special handling requirements and material selection for mold manufacturing.4.Estimated order quantity or sales volume per year. 5.Please call or contact us directly if you don’t have any information as above listed.


  • 標準二板模、三板模、絞牙模具
  • 雙射模具
  • 埋射模具
  • 熱澆道模具
  • 急冷急熱模具
  • 氣體輔助成型模具、中空成型模具
  • 矽橡膠模具
  • 沖壓模具

客戶提供:塑膠零件估價所需基本資料 1.提供產品、電腦設計圖3D或2D、或是參考樣品模型皆可2.提供產品功能說明及其他相關零件說明3.可提供模具製作上有無特殊處理需求與材質選擇4.預估訂單數量或年產量5.若無法上列資料,歡迎來電或來廠洽談