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Founded in 1993, Sun Winning Industrial Company. has significant experience in designing and manufacturing of plastic, metal and film (Mylar) products. From product design, mold build, parts production, secondary processing, to the final product testing, Jawbone provides customers with one-stop services. Through our one-stop product development service platform, our customers enjoy quality cost-effective services, which reduce development costs and shorten the development time. We can help customers facing increasingly competitive and changing market.

風揚金山是一家從產品設計到模具製造,塑料產品加工系統的綜合性加工企業。成立於1993年3月,主要提供注射塑膠件加工生產,承接各類塑料製品加工。提供從產品開發,模具製造,注塑加工,絲印噴油、裝配 到產品後處理一條龍服務。現有主要產品有:電子跳繩,移動花托,掛牆裝飾,藥盒,周轉箱、卡板 等一系列家居用品,禮品。